She’s Just Innocent

Maybe I can say ‘the cry no one paid attention to’.

A pure heart,
Yet so young,
Maybe just under five.

She forgets,
But not about everything….
It happened.

How can she forget?
How can she forget how she got lost?
Her mind ,
It still remembers….
It still remembers when, where and how it all happened.
I mean, could she ever forget that man?
Old enough to be her father,
That man,
She called him a friend, He forced himself on her.
She cried, looking him in the eyes, yet, he felt no pity…
She asks why.

She is there,
Confined to a cage of pain,
Somehow, regretting … the fact that she is a girl.

She is completely lost,
She breaks,
She hides,
She cries. She smiles,
and everyone…
They think she is fine but she hides her pain,
Her heart mourns deeply.

At a tender age, she matured…
So young, her life as a child came to an end.

Faith Works (self motivation)

You hurt.
Your heart is bleeding.
You do not know where your life is going.

Sometimes you feel like you’re in a dark place without any light.
You do not know if you will succeed.
You forget everything you feel is right.

You do not need much but a little faith.
Help it grow.
Help it to have a glow.
It’s good if you fall.
Stay strong,
Get up and continue.